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Gorowyn is the primary city within the Schreckenstiefe. It has grown up within the cone of an inactive volcano.

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Factions and Relations[]

Although Gorowyn is an evil city, those on good alignment (and exiles) are still tolerated here.

  • Academy of Logistics (Crafting Guild)
  • The City of Gorowyn (the single city faction)

Starting Races[]



There are 6 housing units within the Wards near the Gorowyn Beach entrance to the city.

Name Rooms Storage Cost Upkeep Guild
Lower Tenements 1 2 Free 5s -
Upper Tenements 1 3 21g 21s 82s 33c -
Terrace Standards 3 3 96g 60s 3g 86s 40c -
Gorowyn Standards 3 3 50g 80000 Status 2g 8000 Status 30
Timorous Heights 5 5 1p 70g 7g -
Gorowyn Heights 5 5 1p 200000 Status 3g 50000 Status 30