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EverQuest II Zonen-Information
Eingeführt mitLU24
Angrenzende ZonenThe Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest
Questreihen none
Quests NPCs Monster Named Gegenstände Wissen Instanzen POIs/Discos

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Entering Haven[]

  • For the first time: Players are automatically ported here upon completion of Destroy the Qeynosian Shield Generators or Destroy the Weapons Cache.
  • From Nektulos Forest: ( -344, -0, -785 ) /waypoint -344, -0, -785 Eq2map.gif, a little north of the Ulteran Spires in Nektulos
  • From Thundering Steppes: ( 1162, 0, 707 ) /waypoint 1162, 0, 707 Eq2map.gif, in the western area of Thundering Steppes near to the beach

Layout and Facilities[]

Main Cave Area[]

This is the U-shaped cave area where you end up when you enter Haven for the first time. The area includes:

  • Keguhei Taroon, <Banker> (First Norrathian Bank of Haven)
  • Cuhtrah, <Mender>
  • Logan, <Black Market> (Broker)
  • a Norrathian Express mailbox at ( -88, -67, -55 ) /waypoint -88, -67, -55 Eq2map.gif
  • Larn Kapstoe <Provisioner>
  • Errani Fallenleaf <Guild Cloak Designer>
  • Historian Andrews <Guild Registrar>
  • Quartermaster Malkin <City Quartermaster>
  • a Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game vendor

Tunnel to Smuggled Goods[]

From ( -71, -68, -93 ) /waypoint -71, -68, -93, next to a sign saying "Smuggled Goods - This is way to the marketplace", a tunnel leads to the north. The area includes:

  • A side Tunnel to Nektulos, from ( -73, -73, -131 ) /waypoint -73, -73, -131, leading to the exit to the Nektulos Forest at ( -51, -83, -146 ) /waypoint -51, -83, -146 Eq2map.gif. The exit will take you a little north of the Nektulos Spires.
  • At the far end of the tunnel, Glok, <Shiny Seeker> (Collector)
  • In Smuggled Goods, class, portal and teleport trainers Rantus Harbinger, Kreznal, Xan Del'Hra, Kray Swiftmore, Lance Dra'Kol and Annette Windsong

Tunnel to Thundering Steppes[]

  • From ( -47, -69, -100 ) /waypoint -47, -69, -100, next to a sign saying "Tunnel to Thundering Steppes", a tunnel leads to the west to the exit to Thundering Steppes at ( -3, -76, -106 ) /waypoint -3, -76, -106 Eq2map.gif. The exit will take you to the western area of Thundering Steppes, near to the beach, at ( 1162, 0, 707 ) /waypoint 1162, 0, 707 Eq2map.gif.

Tunnel to Ekroosik's Replicators[]

  • From ( -47, -69, -90 ) /waypoint -47, -69, -90, next to a sign saying "Ekroosik's Replicators", a long curving tunnel leads to the west. At the far end of the tunnel is Ekroosik's Replicators, a tradeskill area, with:
    • Fizzbang Coghandler <Crafting Trainer>
    • three fuel merchants
    • a Work Orders Foreman and a Rush Orders Foreman for Tradeskill Writs
    • crafting stations for all Artisans
    • Tradeskill Career Counsellor

What Haven doesn't have[]

  • Haven has no apartments. This is considered the major downside to living in Exile. This also means you only have 1 slot to sell on the market.
  • Haven doesn't have anyone to sell status items to.
  • Haven doesn't have city merchants or horse merchants.
  • You cannot perform regular city task quests in Haven. Tradeskill Writs are available.
  • No direct transportation to the Sinking Sands is available.
  • A shared bank. If you need to transfer items to or from other characters, use the mail or your guild bank. When you betray your city, make sure you swap out anything you'd like to take with you from your shared bank into your main bank.


  • It appears that players can still sell while in Haven; however, all the other cities must pay a 50% broker fee for purchases from there. The broker in Haven is Logan, the Black Market NPC in the main cave.