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Immerfrost Questreihe
Empfohlener Levelbereich von 40 bis 50
Eingeführt mit Zerschmetterte Lande
Schwierigkeit Solo
Startzone Immerfrost
Vorhergehend: Feerrott Questreihe
Dampfquellen-Gebirge Questreihe
Nachfolgend: Treibsande Questreihe
Pfauenclub Questreihe

These quests take place in Immerfrost and are suitable for characters of level 40-50.

Solo Quests[]

This is just a collection of quests in Everfrost, which can be done solo. Most of them do not have any order or prerequisites.

  • Daelic's Bones (45) - in Icewail Caverns
  • Emery Meeresschreiter Nachschublieferung (45) - in Bitterwind Trench
  • Marta Terrilons Jagd nach Fell (48) - in Everfrost Bay

Item Triggered[]

Icespire Summit Access[]

This series is no longer required for access to Icespire Summit.

  • Sowing the Seeds of MacYee (45)
  • The Gems of the Rose (45)
  • The Twin Mining Picks (47)
  • The Gavel of Justice (43)
  • Blades of the Wolf (45 Heroic)

At Jagged Plains[]

  • The Blood Countess Rises (40)

Near Everfrost Bay[]

  • Needle and Thread (42)
  • An Icy Coin (44)

Heroic Quests[]

Item/NPC triggered

  • Das Vermächtnis von Seth McMannus (40)
  • Destroy the Tundra Terrors [1](43)
  • The Frost Covered Grave (44)
  • A Chilling Experience (45)
  • The Search for Shards (45)
  • Turbulent Waters (45)
  • The Frozen Scroll (45)

Loot triggered

  • Insulated Warmers (44)
  • Deep Ice (45)
  • Frozen Tempest (45)
  • Girding of Gunuk (45)

Miragul's Menagerie series[]

Miragul's Menagerie access (44-50); some of these are also soloable

This series is no longer required for access to Miragul's Menagerie.

  • In Search of a Menagerie
    1. The Spirit of Arctic Doom from Spirit of Arctic Doom
    2. The Spirit of the Frigid Pine from Spirit of Frigid Pine
    3. The Spirit of Polar Lights from Spirit of Polar Lights
    4. The Spirit of Wintry Mist from Spirit of Wintry Mist[1]


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  1. 1,0 1,1 Needs Tundra terrors