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EverQuest II Instanzierte Zone Information
Eingeführt mit The Shadow Odyssey
Level-Bereich 70-80
Zugangs-Quest Keine
Hereinzonen von Ausgedehnte Prärien
Derzeitige Zone Keine
Benötigte Quest Keine
Schwierigkeit Gruppe
Persistenz 18 Stunden - 3 Tage
Quests NPCs Monster Named
Gegenstände   POIs Discos

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See the talk page for one user's guide to getting the chests at the end of the zone and another guide for the Zone's nameds.


Zone in from down stairs in the crypt accessed from the cemetary adjacent to Sonnborn Village. This is the middle difficulty of the 3 group zones in this area.

If you go straight through at the first intersection you come to the Servant's Antechamber. An NPC Taechun Welby has a questline that takes you all over the zone.