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  • Illusionszauber "Fun Spells" (Zwerg, Mensch, Halbelf, Barbar und Gnoll).
  • Sathrianische Sprache von: Rätselhaftes schwarzes Buch
  • Erbequest:: Eine verschwundene Maske
  • Erbequest:: Der Humpen von Moggok
  • die Halblingssprache (is kaufbar)

Starting the quest line[]

Kill rillissianischer Versklaver at the slave pens in the Fens of Nathsar near the Western Pens for an item drop called Türschlüssel für eine Kerkerzelle. Use the key to open a door in the top section of the Western pens and hail {NPC|Tofus Jepner} inside. The hobbit then runs out and you must follow him. He goes a short distance outside the slave pens and stops, if you hail him again he asks you about your illusion spells and ask you go through them one at a time. After following his lead and changing form a couple of times he offers you the quest Die Jungfrau der Masken.

The actual quest(s)[]

  1. Die Jungfrau der Masken (Level 85 Heroisch)
  2. The Mirage Star (Level 85 Episch)


An NPC, Modani Qu'loni, in Jarsath Wastes at (706, -126, 278) near Maiden's Chamber in Howling Stones has the following dialog when hailed. Note that you need to speak the Sathirian language, for which you need to complete the Feathers for Sethis

  • You: Hail
    • Modani: The hidden self... inside a myriad of magic... is one that walks... quite softly.
  • You: Who are you?
    • Modani: I am... the Modani. I have been... here... for ages.
  • You: So you are a long lived skorpikis?
    • Modani: No. Skorpikis... I am not. I am... the observer. Once an enchanter... now trapped... in this illusion.
  • You: I know something about illusions. I am <<Player Name>> and I am an illusionist.
    • Modani: Be warned! It is not... just simple... parlor tricks you... command! For an arcane illusion... is not simply a trick... of the eye. You will slowly become... what you personify. Slowly... you mind will change... your thinking... your insticts... until you become... as I, trapped... in an ages old illusion... of your own design. The Maiden's Mask... will become... a prison... if you do not... cast off your guise.
  • You: I think I understand. I can't maintain one particular illusion for a very long time or I will become trapped within the spell. Thank you.

Diese Questreihen beschreiben die Quests für die sagenumwobene und mythische Version der Epischen Waffe einer Klasse.

Ihr müsst mindestens Level 80 sein, um diese Questreihe anzufangen bzw. zu beenden. Die sagenumwobene Version einer epischen Waffe erfordert nur das Abschließen von maximal heroischen Inhalt, die mythische Version dagegen beinhaltet einige epische Begegnungen sowie den Besuch von Veeshans Gipfel.